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Infant Group
This session is designed to help parents and infants connect with each other in a positive way through infant sign language, stimulation with toys and universal baby games that enhance infant development. Infant massage is also an important component that will be featured. With the backdrop of soft music, parents are encouraged to establish communication with their babies through touch, eye contact, body language and words. Parents become familiar with how to read and respond to their baby's cues throughout the infant massage activities. Touch is one of the most highly developed senses in infants, and therefore, serves as an excellent vehicle for helping parents and their babies connect in a powerful way. This bonding sets the stage for a lifetime of sensitive and responsible communication. Staff, certified and trained in infant massage techniques, facilitate the infant massage sessions. Infant massage groups will only be scheduled when in- person groups resume. 
Toddler group
We recognize the role of play as critical to the way young children learn. Our virtual or in person play groups are aimed at providing the rich experiences, information, guidance, support and encouragement that parents need to help their children develop during their first three years of life. The targeted developmental areas are: Physical, Social, Emotional, Language and Cognitive development. These areas are critical to school success. Toddler play groups focus on the parent assisting the child in learning through play, such as sharing books and singing songs. Parents follow their child's lead as they engage and explore learning developed around age- appropriate themes. All play groups at FEP are facilitated in both English and Spanish. Play groups are scheduled monthly, and all parents and children are asked to attend. 
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